Millwood Associates helps
healthcare organizations improve
financial results that last long
after our work with you is finished.


We diagnose what's actually broken within your organization and create solutions to fix the underlying problem.


Drawing on years of real world experience in healthcare, we bring proven solutions that are working in the industry.


We work to create lasting change that helps our clients to improve margins—typically by 2-3% or more.


We offer these proven packages to improve the financial performance of healthcare organizations.


Revenue Realization

We help you dramatically improve revenue realization, so you can capture every dollar you've earned.

We are different than a typical revenue cycle consulting company. Our team of experts applies proven, proprietary algorithms that predict which accounts are most likely being underpaid, and determine the root causes. We help recruit and train your own dedicated net revenue unit to use our algorithms on an ongoing basis. Together we find underpayment patterns and root causes, addressing them once and for all.


Margin Insight

We diagnose which clinical services are generating losses or could significantly improve their margins and address the root causes to improve their financial performance.

We create 50-60 customized inpatient and outpatient service groups for initial and ongoing monitoring. We help you grow market share for your most successful services and adjust the "equation" for the least profitable (volume, high cost inputs, revenue issues, contract rates, payor mix).


Leader Ownership Culture

We help you create a culture of accountability among all leaders and build stronger competency in managing financial performance.

Together we create a vibrant new "owner" mindset among your leadership team and give them the tools to make wise stewardship decisions that strengthen your organization and help position you for long-term success.


Patient Flow & Progression

We give you an apples-to-apples comparison of where your Length of Stay (LOS) stands compared to like-sized hospitals with similar services. By applying proven strategies and tactics, we help you implement a change management process to align with the top performers.

The power of what we bring to patient flow and LOS improvement comes from using data that's current, specific and comparable to the best performers in your geographic region. We help hospitals create a culture that treats waiting as non-value-added time for the patient and in most circumstances a waste that should be eliminated.

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An overview of what we do

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Decades of real-world experience.

After watching many turnarounds in healthcare, we realized that so many did not "stick." In fact, many reverse within a year or two.


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